Tropical Bounce House

This bounce house is 15x15 and great for children of all ages!  You can rent it for 2 hours or all day. 

$125 per day

Animal Kingdom (Toddler Unit)

This unit is designed for ages 4 and under.  Afraid the little ones will get hurt jumping with the bigger kids?  This house is designed just for the little guys.  You can put them in and watch as they have just as much fun as the bigger kids. 


SeaWorld Combo

The SeaWorld Combo is a bounce and slide combination unit.  There is plenty of room for the children to bounce and then they can slide out when they are finished.  This unit can also have water added to the slide and a pool at the bottom to make a hot day much easier to deal with.  Water can be added for $25. 

$200/Dry or $225/Wet per day

Adventure Balloon Combo

The Adventure Balloon Combo is a combination unit with a slide and a bounce house.  The children can bounce and then slide out after they are finished bouncing.  Water can be added to the slide and a pool at the bottom to make for a real adventure.  Water can be added for an additional $25.

$200/Dry or $225/Wet per day

Obstacle Course

This unit is fun for all ages!  Why just bounce when you can bounce and race or just turn the kids loose and watch them figure out how to manage this little course.

$150 per day

Tropical Bounce Combo w/ Obstacle Course

These two units connect to make 65' of screaming fun!  Let the kids navigate the obstacle course, bounce in the bounce house and slide out to just do it again.  Also add water to the slide and a pool to make this the ultimate summer time splash pad.  Water can be added for an additional $25.

$250/Dry or $275/Wet per day

Marble Slide

This is an 18' slide and can be used dry or you can add water for some real fun!  One side has steps with hand holds and the other is an amazing slide.  There is a platform at the bottom designed to catch you if you get some real speed and it also holds enough water to make the landing easy.  If you are looking for something to keep the kids busy, here it is!!

$200/Dry or $225/Wet per day

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